Patterson created this body of work between 2004-2006 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. In the studio, she used the insides of painted cardboard boxes to serve as an architectural space for small prisms. She was interested in constructing a synthetic architectural experience for herself and used a small video camera lens to film the insides of the boxes. She then projected the film on to her studio wall and created this series of paintings. 

Carrie Patterson’s colors are soft yet saturated with pigmented light; her paintings have a certain quality of subtle illumination emanating from them. They reflect architectural structures but nothing appears to be behind or in front of anything else; there is no sense of foreground/background or light/shadow relationships. Each area of color is equally filled with light, and contained gently but securely within its own distinct space. Like the rooms of a house or the people within that structure, they depend on each other for their shape and placement. Such is the structural intimacy within these compositions; one cannot imagine how the entirety could hold up if even one of the elements went missing. 

---Jeanne Wilkinson