4 Things to do During Your Junior Year if You Want to Apply to Art School

Are you a rising junior in high school interested in art? Now is the time to start thinking about your portfolio for applying to art school in your senior year! 


Here are a few things to consider as you head into your junior year:

  1. Look for community art programs in your area, or a professional artist for lessons outside of school. 
  2. Search out pre-college summer art programs. These are a great way to get to know the schools you might be interested in! Here are a few to check out:
  3. If you are interested in a particular field of study, research pioneers in the field by learning more about their creative process. A great way to start your research is by looking for interviews and videos on YouTube. Search for contemporary artists that inspire you (Instagram is a great resource for discovering new, emerging, and contemporary artists)!
  4. Keep a sketchbook of your research and your ideas.

Looking for some extra guidance? Consider working with Carrie 1:1 for personal guidance as you develop your portfolio and plan for college during your junior year of high school!