The Intersection of Art & Technology

Have kids who like to draw and also love technology?

Putting drawing at the center of your life gives you and others fast access to your ideas that are not defined by words yet!

Check out how these people create worlds centered on the combination of drawing and technology:


Art for everyone on the internet

Ryan Germick had been drawing since he was a child. (Credit: Google)

Ryan Germick had been drawing since he was a child. (Credit: Google)


As a kid, Ryan liked to draw, and as he got older, just never stopped. Now he has an audience of millions! Click the button below to read a cool article about the intersection of art and technology.


The world’s smallest stop-motion animated character

I love a good dot, and this animation rocks! Watch how she uses the sewing needles at the end of the story.


If you are up for it, watch the 5 minute video on how it was made -- and shot using a Nokia N8!


Here are a few ways to practice creativity in your home, school and office:

  1. Draw everyday.
  2. Undo your drawing; don't label your marks with words just yet. 
  3. Have paper, pens, pencils around to pick up and use. Tablets are amazing, but to humans the hand is the first technology!
  4. Take a drawing class (locally or remotely) to develop your skills and become more confident.
  5. Using a white board, visualize your day by drawing it out.

How do you like to practice creativity? Share your ideas in the comments!