Through a program structured to meet your student's college timeframe, College Art Admissions Consulting for Rising Seniors provides a structured, targeted, and personalized approach for fine arts students throughout their application process. While the process ideally begins at the end of the student's junior year of high school and continues throughout the college application process, Carrie can customize the program to meet your child's specific needs.


Each program is tailored to the student's unique skills and future goals

For high school seniors, this includes a targeted approach to applying to college fine art programs, with an emphasis on working towards future career goals by identifying achievable benchmarks over the course of working closely with Carrie. Special attention is paid to portfolio development, one-on-one critiques, and advising sessions. 



Carrie's 3-tiered approach includes:


Assessment & Strategy

  • A 1 hour introductory consultation call (in person or via Skype);

  • A projected plan for applying to college and a personalized application strategy, identifying up to 10 schools within reach of applicant;

  • Personalized assessment of the student's current portfolio and academic standing as they apply to each program and school;
  • Identification of the applicant's portfolio needs;
  • Frequent communication with both student and parent(s) throughout the process. 

Planning & Preparation

  • Shared digital folder containing links to colleges and programs, finalized application material (including essays and portfolio), and other arts resources for parents and applicant;

  • A timeline of application deadlines for programs and scholarships, along with a shared calendar with application deadlines;

  • Up to eight (8) 60-minute Portfolio Prep sessions* with lesson plans that focus on the college admissions process (sessions include art education resources).

Application & Support

  • A professional, in-studio photography session for up to 30 artworks for applicant's portfolio;

  • Up to eight (8) editorial review sessions for application essays;

  • Individualized scholarship search assistance;


*For local students (Southern Maryland area), Portfolio Prep sessions take the form of a scheduled weekly small group class. For students working with Carrie remotely, Portfolio Prep sessions are completed through self-guided projects, with 30 minute weekly Skype sessions during which Carrie provides project critiques and advising.



First Steps

Is your high school senior ready to apply to college art programs? Not sure where to begin, what steps to take next to help them meet their goals? Schedule an introductory call with Carrie to get started!


Introductory consultation call
In person or via Skype, 1 hour 

The Introductory Consultation Call is ideal for students who are exploring the college admissions process for art programs and unsure where to focus their efforts.

The call includes the following:

  • Initial review of current portfolio and academic standing;
  • Personalized assessment of student goals and outcomes'
  • Personalized assessment of parent goals and concerns;
  • Brainstorm session of possible college programs and future careers of interest.

At the end of the call, both student and parent(s) will be provided with a verbal summary of the discussion, as well as a verbal projected plan for college admission process.



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