Lesson Plans

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Art For TOTS

Art for Tots is a series of lesson plans intended to introduce your child to life with art from the very beginning. Every child can learn about art by encouraging tactile awareness, gaining a knowledge of artists and their names, identifying shapes and colors and choosing how to use them! Every child will feel confident in their ability as a creator and maker, which encourages confidence in all of life.


Draw/Paint Kids is a series of lesson plans intended for children ages 6-13. Each project can be completed alone or with an adult. Draw/Paint projects are for children who are ready to categorize what they see, tell stories, and create sustained art projects. It is intended for beginning students who want to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

Reminder to parents: At The Yellow Line we encourage all of our art kids to explore through observation, to get jazzed about art history, and to layer their projects. Always encourage kids to start simple and get more complex,
and to never hold their hand while drawing. The more practice they have with eye-hand coordination, the better.


Portfolio Prep is a series of lesson plans for the serious art student working on a portfolio for high school scholarships or application to college art programs. The goal of the series is to produce evidence of high competency level in traditional drawing and painting media. Lessons
encourage active observational seeing as well as methods designed to enhance individual expression. The fundamentals of design are incorporated into all projects. Easy variations on each project can be made to accommodate specific portfolio requests.