First Steps

For parents

Review Carrie's services for College Art Admissions Consulting for High School Seniors. Read over the Frequently Asked Questions and discuss these options with your rising or current high school senior.

For Students 

Discuss your college goals with your parents and determine if you're ready to commit a significant amount time to the application process. (Students should plan to work on their portfolio and application materials for between 4-8 hours every week.) Prepare a list of colleges that you're considering, and gather any relevant academic and portfolio materials.



Schedule your Introductory Call

Scheduling your Introductory Call is the first step to working with Carrie during your child's college admissions process. During the call, Carrie will help you to determine the best course of action for your student and provide you and your child with knowledgeable guidance. 

The $250 cost of the Introductory Call is included in the your total investment of the Consulting process and is deducted from future payments.



When should we start?

In Carrie's experience, students who begin considering and preparing for the college application process earlier are in the best position to create stronger application materials and present more diverse portfolios. We highly suggest reaching out to Carrie as early as possible (ideally during your child's sophomore or junior year of high school) in order to have the most fulfilling and successful experience. 




The investment in a College Art Admissions Consulting program with Carrie Patterson starts at $4,000.00 (USD).


Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans are available for all packages.