Why work with Carrie?


A lifelong learner with a diverse arts background and nearly two decades of teaching experience, Carrie is a connoisseur of the arts and is devoted to advancing the careers of her students. 


In her arts training, career choices, and professional development, Carrie has developed a broad understanding of the academic art system and approaches the art world and creative fields from a comprehensive perspective. Carrie's guidance for all of her students is rooted in inclusivity. As a mentor to high school and college students, Carrie's approach is non-judgmental, future-focused, and prioritizes a personalized experience for each individual that helps them to identify and achieve their goals.


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    As a undergraduate student Carrie, was trained in an art program at a state university in a rural area. Upon graduating with her BFA, she followed her interest in art education and moved to Asheville, North Caroline and continued to take classes in community and alternative art programs

    After several years in Asheville, Carrie received additional training as a painter in an atelier program in New York City. For further study, she enrolled in a graduate program at an art school within an Ivy League University

    After graduate school, she hit the ground running with her MFA, and in her first year as a professor, she taught art in a variety of settings:

    • At an urban community college art program;
    • At an art school; and
    • At a liberal arts university.

    Hired as a Visiting Professor of Art at a public liberal arts school called The College of William and Mary, Carrie taught painting and drawing for four years in rural Virginia. 

    Carrie moved to Southern Maryland when she received a tenure track position at a public honors college called St. Mary's College of Maryland, where she has taught courses in drawing, painting, and arts education since 2004.


    As a college arts professor, Carrie has worked with young people interested in careers in art for nearly twenty years. Her students range from designers, architects, painters, teachers, curators, fine artists, and many more.

    Carrie maintains relationships with many of her former students, keeping in touch via phone, email, and social media, following and promoting their careers and often collaborating with them in a variety of ways

    When working with Carrie through a College Art Admissions Consulting Circuit, you'll gain access to her extensive network of former students and colleagues in the art world and creative fields. Carrie's unique approach to the college admissions process is future-focused, connecting her high school advisees to creative professionals who can provide wisdom and mentorship throughout the application process and beyond.

    Community Involvement

    Carrie has served on art advisory boards for communities and colleges, and she has provided her skills an expertise as an outside evaluator for countless arts programs.

    Identifying a need in her community for access to art education for students of all ages, Carrie opened an art school in Leonardtown Maryland in 2009. In operation for over nine years, Yellow Door Art Studios served as a space for community programming and exhibitions, with Carrie and her staff providing art lessons to hundreds of students of all ages.

    In 2018, Carrie closed Yellow Door Art Studios to focus on her newest educational endeavor: The Yellow Line. Featuring art lessons, creative kits, and online learning experiences, The Yellow Line will launch in late 2018 to reach a broader audience and help the next generation of artists gain the confidence and skills to create.



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