Degrees in the Arts

How to help creative students find, apply for, and get into schools that will set them up for professional success

College is a significant investment…we can all agree on that. It’s common for parents to worry about whether or not there will be a good return on their investment. And it’s easy to justify college if your kid wants to be an engineer.

But what if they’re creative? What if they’re into the arts? What do you do as a parent when you’re in that situation? That’s what you’ll learn in this interview with Carrie Patterson, a professional artist (who is actually making money in art), professor of art at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and an educational consultant specializing in helping students figure out how to get into art school, and what to do once they get there, so they can translate that degree into a successful career. In Carrie’s conversation with Dr. Maggie Wray, you’ll learn…

  • The biggest myths and misconceptions about art school;

  • Some surprisingly common careers that students with art degrees pursue;

  • Why being an artist doesn’t mean you have to be starving;

  • What students who are interested in art can do outside of school to develop their skills during middle and high school;

  • The practical skills that come from preparing for and applying to art school, and how those translate into life skills;

  • The different types of art schools, and which might be the best fit for your teen;;

  • Tips for making an art portfolio that stands out from the crowd, including examples of what you should include; and

  • How early you should get started on your portfolio.



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