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Katia Meisinger

Studio Manager Katia Meisinger joined the studio in 2018. She has a BA degree in Art from St. Mary's College of Maryland (2019) with a concentration in sculpture, and an AA degree General Studies from College of Southern Maryland (2015). A native of Southern Maryland, she currently lives in California, Maryland and is an abstract surrealist sculptor. Her work has been in multiple exhibitions in Maryland and she has received several awards including the Patti Runco Alliance Award and the McCutcheon Family Art Award. Her senior projects Experiencing the Ethereal (2017) and The Red Room (2018) explored her childhood, the subconscious mind, and how through art, we interpret the world around us. By creating mixed media artwork through an abstract surrealist eye she aims to create an environment where people have an opportunity to think about their world in a new way.

With her love of art, and being inspired by her fellow peers, she hopes to one day build her own studio fit for everything from welding, mixed materials, and wood working. Maybe even one day open her studio to the community and teach others the skills to make their ideas into sculptures or more. Growing up in St. Mary's county has left an everlasting affect on her to reach out to her community and get involved with local artists, families, and organizations to bring more art and collaboration into Southern Maryland.