Historic Beats Number 7 (2011)

Historic Beats Number 7 (2011)


Groundtruthing is a body of work created in Patterson’s studio located at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in Anne Arundel Hall. The studio was adjacent to Historic St. Mary’s City (the building has since been demolished). Patterson would regularly take visual research walks through Historic St. Mary's City. On the property are wooden structures commonly referred to as "ghost houses." These structures are scaffolds that represent the original colonial structures, but they are not complete. The landscape is part of what the viewer sees through the structure. Patterson regularly draws from the structures and incorporates the landscape that appears through it. The term Groundtruthing is a term used in remote sensing. It refers to information collected on location through image data collection. The data is used to analyze and interpret what is being sensed.

Historic Beats Number 7 (2011)
Oil, acrylic, and enamel on wood and canvas
16x25x3 inches

Note: Paintings and constructions are not matted or framed and are meant to be displayed as created.

All artwork is custom-packaged for shipment, sent USPS Priority Mail (2-day, as available by delivery location) and insured for the full value of the artwork.

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